What Are FIFA Coins And What Can You Use Them For? Mar03


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What Are FIFA Coins And What Can You Use Them For?

FIFA Coins

FIFA coins are also known as FUT coins and FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. These coins are used as currency in the FIFA Ultimate Team for the purchasing of consumables, players and packs. Ultimate Team gives you the ability to add to your PlayStation FUT coins, PC FUT coins and Xbox FUT coins. It all depends on which system you are currently using to play on.

Building Your FUT Coins

The easiest and simplest way to begin building up your coins is to purchase FIFA 15 coins. You can also build up your coins using trading methods but it is a lot more time consuming and difficult. Most people will wait until they have enough FIFA 15 coins and then take what is called the lottery route. This means you start buying packs and hope you can sell to an expensive player on the Transfer Market. Sometime you do get lucky and can make a few million coins from the purchase of just one 7,500 Gold coin pack. Some people like to play matches using the mode for Seasons and some wait until they have gone up in divisions to get their coins.

The Tournaments

Competing in available tournaments to receive the win rewards is another way to build up your FIFA coins. It is important to note that for the amount of time you will have to spend in the tournaments you will receive very few coins. The best time to compete in the tournaments is when your division is lower than the pay-out. Most individuals simply want enough coins to play FIFA 14 and to continue making even more coins.

The Transfer Market

The best way to earn the most possible coins is to trade on the FUT Transfer Market. This will only be effective for people who have an understanding of this market. The supply and demand of FIFA coins for each player is determined by a wide variety of different factors. Gaining enough experience to be effective in this market does take time. You have to understand what you should be selling, under what conditions and the corresponding prices. Once you have a good market understand of the Transfer Market it is an excellent way to make a lot of coins. Despite this, purchasing them is still the fastest and easiest route to take.

The EA Tax

Every time you complete a transaction in the Transfer Market, EA will take a commission of five percent. As coins go out of circulation it is a combination of supply and demand, the pricing of the coins and economics that gives the market the ability to remain stable. The same principle applies to the packs. Since they do have a lower than average return, the pricing of the pack is what is responsible for putting the coins back into the market again. There are a lot of similarities between the EA Tax and modern economics.