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Ways to Make Cycling Fun

It is said that a bad day on the bicycle is better than a day without it. Cycling is a fun recreational sport and a great way of physical exercise and transportation. Here are some fun ways which will make you enjoy cycling more.


Just like you cherish the views of a countryside from a train rather than a car, you will be quite surprised how much beautiful places you can explore while cycling about different places. Cycling will allow you to look at the city from a way, which you might not have seen before. When you go for a holiday anywhere in the world at any tourist destination, you can simply rent or borrow a bike and wander off and explore places you will never be able to see otherwise.

Going Green

It is revealed through a recent research that green places and open spaces make us happy. You can take your bike around parks and forests with biking tracks or take up mountain biking too. This is a great way to release the stress, lower the tensions and feel happier.

Plan destinations

You can plan cycling tours and trips or join special clubs which arrange them. Go on a long ride to the beach or to a cool neighborhood which you have never been to. Be adventurous, take your bike to far off places, and enjoy cycling in different cities and countrysides.


Competition promotes motivation and helps you to feel more energetic. You can have cycling competitions with your friends and family. There are various city, state and country level competitions and bike rallies, which are arranged by different cycling clubs. You can take part in them too.

Accessorize your bicycle

If you are an aesthetics freak then you can update the look of your bike. You can head to your local bike shop or surf online and buy gadgets and d├ęcor for accessorizing your bicycle and make it look cool.

Keep a journal or blog

Write up all your exciting adventures and share your experience with people through a personal blog. This is a great way to not only share your love for cycling with other cycling lovers but also a way to help and motivate them too. If you do not want to blog, you can just keep a journal for yourself and you can enjoy a good nostalgic sense of accomplishment every time you read and see how many adventures and experiences you have had while cycling.

Take pictures and keep a photo album

If writing is not your thing, you can take photos and keep a photo journal/album. Just grab a camera and take pictures whenever you go out cycling and you will enjoy looking back at your collection and reliving the moments of happiness and relaxation again.

Make it a family affair

Encourage your family members to join you in this sport. You can take trips, cycle together, and enjoy some quality time together. This is a great way to spend time with your family and have fun together.