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Surprise Your Guests With a Photo Booth Opportunity

Plans for your next party are coming together. Maybe your wedding plans are complete. A corporate event is around the corner and you are in charge. You are looking for something to surprise your guests. What if you hired a photo booth? Within seconds, high-quality prints are available to guests who have just exited the photo booth and the next guests can be in the booth preparing to laugh and share moments to take home. Giving guests a picture of themselves as a memento of your event is the best way to add a spark to a common, everyday happening. The photo booth market is springing up everywhere and there has been nothing but raves from those already having experienced the excitement.


How It All Began

Remember the draped curtain covering a tiny space where you would sit and get some fun shots of you being silly, or a proper photo for a passport application? The concept has been expanded. So have the booths themselves. Making them a bit larger to accommodate more people, adding props and a few different styles to choose from, has led to a major business offered on its own or as an option offered by the photographer or organizer hired for your special event. At first, it was just a simple add-on item for weddings. Today’s choices range from a simple curtain-draped frame to fancy or futuristic designs.


A Few Photo Booth Styles Available

Traditional – Same as the booths familiarly used for passport photos, self-sufficient with push button capability allowing the subject to control each snap. Good for school events or birthday parties.


Open Air – Best for corporate events since there is no limit to people in the picture. As it says, open to the elements but technically the same setup as the traditional. Only the walls are missing. An attendant is assigned to handle any difficulties or to keep things under control.


Caravan/Camper – The more unusual photo booth setting, meant to impress. Same technical settings with a touchscreen for taking the photos. Needs outdoor space offering unique looks for marketing.


Slow Motion – Video capabilities allowing the guests to take the clips in slow motion. Usually played on a monitor for viewing by event members. Compressed for simple sending after the event. This means it could go viral!


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Props Available For Guests To Use

Make it a little more fun and add props such as confetti, flower petals, glasses, lips or mustaches on a stick, signs that say just about anything, speech bubbles, giant fingers or thumbs, hats, and as many silly things as you can imagine.


The technology is there to add something different to the usual lackluster event. The options are endless, and growing all the time. Just make sure the company is reputable. Do your research to get the best value for money. Adding a photo booth is one of the most fun and original ways to surprise your guests. A picture is worth a thousand words – and what a memory to share or hold dear for years to come.