What are the most popular esport games at the moment? Oct03


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What are the most popular esport games at the moment?

Esports has become a big deal over the last decade with tournaments ongoing somewhere in the world every day. With many esport games to choose from (see center of games), however, what games are the most popular esport games in the world at the moment and why?


Dota 2 — A multiplayer online battle arena mod, Dota is the world’s most popular esport game with millions of people playing it competitively every month.


So much so, you will find Dota players from every country, either sex and any age playing it in all kinds of tournaments.


Dota has become popular not only due to the exciting gameplay, however, but also the extremely high prizes. One recent prize of $11 million was awarded to the winner of a tournament. No wonder then that so many people want to play it.


Overwatch — This game as an esport is much newer than Dota yet not much less popular.


The combination FPS and MOBA game was developed by Blizzard and is highly popular due to its detailed maps and the huge number of heroes you can choose to play.


Leagues have also been set up with most professional players being in one of them. While not as high as prize money in Dota, at least just yet, esport players can still win several million dollars if they are highly skilled and lucky.

Just go on youtube and check out some of the highlight clips, for example:

League of Legends — One of the very first esports to become huge, League of Legends is still going strong more than 10 years after its release.


It is the first game to be played at a professional level, and the first game where huge amounts of prize money were first talked about.


As other esport games have become popular, League of Legends has lost players to other games. It is still one of the most popular esport games, however, and likely to stay that way for a while.