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What are some of the free alternatives to paid streaming services?

If you would love to be able to watch shows and TV series via online streaming, but do not have money to pay for a service, you may want to know about the free alternatives that are available.

In fact, there are many of them. That means it does not really matter if you cannot afford to pay for a typical online streaming service, as you can still watch the shows and films you would like to watch without having to pay for them.

Video sites — There are several large video sites that host movies and TV series, like watch couchtuner . While many of these uploads may not have been uploaded legally, you can still watch them legally without worrying about getting into trouble.

There are several sites that have huge numbers of films and TV series on them. Just run a quick search to find them.

Free online streaming — There are also many sites offering movies and TV series via streaming at any time you would like to watch them. Some of these sites are based in the U.S., while others are based overseas.

You may have to watch a couple of commercials before you can begin to watch the film you want to see, but all of their content is still free so it does not matter.


Downloading movies and TV series — Other sites allow you to download the movies and TV series you would like to see. As it only takes a few minutes nowadays to download a movie or a TV show, this can be done by just about anyone with Internet access.

You also do not need to be at home to do this, as you can download movies and TV shows via a mobile phone or tablet no matter where you happen to be.