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The AK47 Rifle Is Still Considered One Of The Best Rifles Made

With all the riffles in the world, the AK47 is the one that most people know when they hear the name. You see them in movies, music videos, and depending on where you live, you see them or know someone who has one. That may be sad, but true. The AK47 may have been created during wartime, but through the years the rifle has become the weapon of choice whether to entertain us through cinema, protect us, or to terrorize us. So what is it about the AK47 rifle that makes it still one of the best in the world?


Who Created The AK47 Rifle?

The AK47 rifle came into existence during wartime in Russia. Mikhail Kalashnikov was a wounded soldier in the war against the Nazis who began working on a weapon that would be more effective than their enemies. In 1947, the weapon was completed and was named the Avtomat Kalashnikov which in translation means Automatic Kalashnikov and the 47 came at the end of the name, which represented the year it was completed. To simplify the name of the riffle, it just became recognized by its initials making it The AK47.


What Is The AK47 Made Of?

The AK47 rifle is considered to be one of the best-constructed pieces of weaponry when it comes to firearms according to the guys from adventurefootstep. It is made of steel and wood and weighs about 10 pounds. It is a piston-driven rifle that is operated by a gas system with a gas tubing that sits right above it. Even though the riffle has some weight to it, the AK47 is a very well made strong riffle that is easy to use, easy to repair and can last a number of years even after going through some harsh conditions like going through mud and sand. That is why it is a perfect weapon for soldiers to have on the battlefield.


Why Is It So Popular?

The AK47 rifle became popular during the time of war when it was built because of the number of rounds it was able to shoot into its target. Overall, the riffle did the job it was made to do. Also, the riffle was mass-produced and very cost-efficient. Today, the riffle is popular among terrorists, drug dealers, and even people who want to protect their homes is still pretty much the same, there are so many of them out there and they are easy to afford.


The AK47 rifle may be a reliable weapon to have in certain situations, but it does have its flaws like its accuracy. When it comes to the AK47 rifle, your average person on the street probably don’t know very much about them other than what they saw on TV or on a movie screen, but they are still wanted by many around the globe.