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Protect Yourself At All Times PUBG Players

Drop Quickly

My first tip for playing better PUBG is to try, and find a popular place to drop straight out of the plane. This is a great tip for aggressive players. It will help you be one of the first players to get a weapon, and it will help you keep the momentum going throughout the game by engaging in constant battles. This tip is for experienced players at a medium level.

Stay Near The Edge Zone

The second tip I have for you is to spend more time staying closer to the edge zone than in the middle. It is better to stay near the edge zone, because when you are in the middle your opponents will be in all directions. It is better that you hunt the players in the middle. This will make your opponents easier targets, and make them have to come to you. This will allow you to make less movement, and make you a harder target to spot. Try not to move around, and get yourself noticed by other players. It helps to focus on what is in front of you rather than having to look around yourself for targets.

Shoot Before You Look

A good way to get the jump on your opponents, and make them go into a defensive style of play is to start shooting before you leave cover. When cutting corners it is better to start shooting before you can line up your shot, and take aim. This will allow you to cause more damage to your opponent quicker than they can cause you. It will help you to get more kills, and push you closer to becoming the victor. Using a PUBG radar hack makes this especially easy to do.

Level One Backpack

The next tip I have for you is a tip for your level one backpack. You should focus on getting a level one backpack filled half way in order to have a better chance at maintaining cover, and moving around less. This will allow you to keep your eyes off of the ground, and more focused on spotting approaching opponents. Looking around for items, and trying to fill up your backpack all the way is a good way to get yourself targeted by other players. This tip will prevent other players from getting the drop on you.

Stay Out Of The Open

The last tip I have for you should be obvious. Staying out of the open areas is the best way not to get yourself killed. By being in the open areas you have less cover, and that means you are more likely to get killed by a player that has cover. Try keeping your back to a wall as much as possible. It will help keep other players from sneaking up behind you. All ways run cover to cover to keep yourself hidden, and protected. Remember to protect yourself at all times.