Party up! Hire a photo booth for your next event! Jul16


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Party up! Hire a photo booth for your next event!

Are you looking for unique parties ideas? Are you wanting your party to stand out of the crowd? There are some things you can do to spice it up and add the unexpected. Your guests will be surprised at these ideas and your party will be the talk for a long time to come.

  1. Close the Restaurant Down

Have your friends meet you at your favorite restaurant for your next party. Make prior arrangements to buy the restaurant out for the night. The ambience is great. You will have all the tables, chairs, and supplies you need already provided. There is a chef for you and a clean up crew too. All you do is show up and leave when you are done. There is no set up or clean up for you to worry over. It is a simple and easy way to have a great party.

If you choose a Mexican restaurant, you could hire a Mariachi band to spice up the atmosphere. Your guests will have a full menu to choose from when it is time to eat. All of their needs will be met in one location without you having to be stressed about anything. A Mexican restaurant is already decorated too. Closing down the restaurant will be a complete surprise to all of your guests.

  1. Plan a Masquerade

Invite your friends to a masquerade party. Set up a theme for the night and see what creative friends you have. You can take turns guessing who everyone is. You can have door prizes for the best, the strangest, and the best couple’s costumes.

If the theme is politics your guests could dress up as Abraham Lincoln, Lemonade Lucy, and even political leaders of today. You could decorate the space in red, white, and blue. You could play patriotic songs or even hire a brass band. The energy from the music will liven up your party. You could play pin the tail on the donkey and pin the trunk on the elephant. Your guests will be in a happy and energetic atmosphere.

There are also some awesome youtube videos available, that show you how you can create your own backdrops and props:


  1. Hire a Professional Photo Booth

Your guests will be surprised by you having a professional photographer with a photo booth (e.g. Photo booth hire doncaster) at your next party. It is a great time to get pictures of people, because they are already dressed up for the night. Take the time to be in the pictures with your guests. You could have the photos printed up by the end of the party, where they can take the pictures home with them.

If you used a super hero theme, you could provide props for your guests to put on. Masks, capes, and shields will make for a fun photo time. Discuss the options available for backdrops with your photographer beforehand. Provide frames the pictures can be slipped into for display. Your guests will have a great momento of your party.

Your party is sure to be a success with choosing one of these options. It will not be soon forgotten. The only problem you will have will be topping it for your next party!