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How to become popular as an artist on Soundcloud?

If you have just uploaded music to Soundcloud for the first time, and are now wondering how you can become popular as an artist on the platform, there are a few things you can do to make that happen and get your EDM promotion going.

Communicate with your fans — One of the most important things you can do is communicate with your fans. Answer their questions, reply to their comments and ask them for feedback about your work.

The more you communicate, the more fans you will get as people love to interact with the artist themselves.

Ask influencers to promote your music — Start interacting with influencers on various social media platforms, and then ask them to promote your music. Some will charge you a fee to do that but, if they have a huge number of followers, it can be worth it.

Collaborate with other Soundcloud musicians — Find other musicians on the platform that create in the same genre as you do, and ask if they would like to collaborate.

You could write a song together, or play on a cover version of a popular song together. You will then have their fans listening to your work, and they will get attention from yours.

Use the right tags — Tags are very important on Soundcloud when it comes to potential fans finding your work.

Make sure the tags you use describe your song, the genre, the instruments you use and the mood of the song.

Post new content weekly — Never just upload music and then forget about your account for a few months. Fans are always looking for new content, so make sure you publish new music weekly.

When you do, not only will you get plays of your new music, but some fans will also go back and listen to your older songs.

Consistent posting will also bring in more new fans, thus increasing your popularity on Soundcloud even more.