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Go Home, or Do You Even Know Which House is Yours?

Courage, Loyalty, Creativity, or Bravery – Choose One

Harry Potter, a cult favorite, is renowned for its entertaining characters who each belong to a House at Hogwarts. For those unfamiliar with Harry and his friends, each house is unique in its own way, with certain characteristics being within each member of a particular house. While the Gryffindor members are courageous, friendly, and outgoing, the Hufflepuff dwellers are loyal, dedicated, and patient. Ravenclaw has studious members that enjoy learning and gaining wisdom through creativity, while Slytherin members are ambitious and brave. The quiz will step in for the Sorting Hat and let you know to which of the four Hogwarts houses you belong. Come into Magical Hogwarts and imagine yourself immersed in the enchanting world, joining Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in their adventures. Before you go, you should know which house you belong to!


The Adventures and Magic Never Stop

Throughout the story of Harry Potter, the friends from all houses go on adventures, save the wizarding and withing world as they know it, and learn so much about themselves and each other. Harry leads adventures into Diagon Alley, where there are magical shops and the iconic drink butterbeer. He also gets an owl from Hagrid, and this wise bird ends up being an integral part of Harry’s life and his efforts to protect others. He helps fight against dark magic, and Harry and his friends defeat Fluffy, a gigantic monster, by putting it to sleep. These are just a quick overview of the many adventures that one can go on when reading these books. Dobby, Remus, and Snape all play a role in developing the story alongside the main characters Hermione and Ron Weasley. Of course, Albus Dumbledore is an important character and often serves as the planet around which they all revolve.


Laughing Through the Tears

They debuted the first movie in 2001, but the first several books were around well before that. Like the books, the films follow Harry from living with unkind family members to learning, at eleven years old, that he is a wizard and leaving his old life behind. As he learns to live as a wizard, Harry adapts and chooses his own life’s path by making the shocking decision to choose which house he will belong to. The book series and associated movies are chock full of action and adventure and are sad at times as some of the main characters die. There is a lot of comic relief throughout, as the Weasley twins and other characters provide a good laugh with their antics. These two, in particular, actually open up a shop selling prank goods and other whimsical items.


The Quiz that Starts it All

To join in on these adventures, you must get sorted into a house. Take this detailed Hogwarts house quiz and then make your own decision as to exactly which house YOU belong to!